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Video of Clare Lopez speaking at the Americans First, Task Force, event

On Thursday, April 6, the Americans First, Task Force, hosted an event at the DEC in Aberdeen to address refugees in Aberdeen from a conservative viewpoint. The speaker at this event was Clare Lopez of the Center for Security Policy. Earlier I posted about the protesters of this event. This post will focus on the video I shot at this event. As with most of these events I record, I will post these videos unedited (mostly, more on that below) and without commentary. If I find time I will blog separately about what I agree/disagree with from the event.

I have the event split into three separate YouTube videos to make it easier for people to view the portions of the event they wish. I have also included a fourth video below, which is actually a playlist including all three videos playing back to back.

The first video is the opening of the meeting and some remarks from Amy Willson, Chapter leader for Act for America SD. This video is just under nineteen minutes long.

The second video is the main presentation from Clare Lopez. It is completely unedited. It is interesting to note that she brought some things about Aberdeen specifically into her presentation. This is something many out-of-town speakers often fail to do. The video is just under one hour and eight minutes long.

The third and final video is the question and answer session with Clare Lopez. The video is just over thirty-six minutes long. I had somewhat of a technical issue filming this portion of the event. During the middle of the Q&A session I lost the video feed due to a technical issue with my camera. As always I was also recording the audio; so the audio from that portion of the Q&A session has been inserted to make the recording complete. That is the only edit to this video; no portion of this was edited for content.

Finally I will include this playlist which includes all of the three videos.