SoDakLiberty is a political blog with in-depth coverage of politics in South Dakota. During the legislative session all bills are looked at and commented on. In election years there is in-depth coverage of the statewide and legislative candidates.

The author, Ken Santema, has a libertarian viewpoint, but tries to keep much of the posts non-partisan.

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  1. just want too say I came across this site this morning, I too am a libertarian and I find your insight of the political candidates very informative as to how I will vote, keep up the good work ~ jeff

  2. As a rule libertarians will not allow contrary comments. I am a pro death penalty expert who has made comments to all your death penalty articles.

    I hope you will allow them to appear, to stay and be read.

    Sincerely, Dudley Sharp

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South Dakota political blogging from a libertarian-leaning individual

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