Video: Public testimony about non-meandered waters to the summer study committee Day 1

Non-Meandered Waters Hearing

Yesterday was Day 1 of public testimony before the SD legislative interim committee on  the Regulation of Non-Meandered Waters. I was able to attend and record the meeting. In this post I have included the video. I would highly recommend people watch the video to hear the many concerns of landowners and sportsmen about the topic of access to non-meandered waters.

This video is just under three hours long (if I find time I’ll cut it down to shorter chunks if enough people request it). The video can also be viewed directly on YouTube.

Coming up next I will the video of a non-meandered waters informational event I recorded in Watertown. Tomorrow I should have the video shot today highlighting Day 2 of public testimony before the legislative committee (today’s hearing had one of my favorite moments of the whole two-day ordeal).