Video: Non-meandered water informational meeting in Watertown featuring GFP

Last night I attended an informational meeting at the Watertown Event Center  hosted by Dakota Sportsman Inc. and the South Dakota Wildlife Federation. The purpose of this meeting was to provide information to the public about the impact of the recent SD Supreme Court ruling regarding non-meandered waters. I attended and recorded the meeting for all to view. The two main speakers for the event were from GPF; which is good because a LOT of people want to hear from them as to why public access was cut off by them to over twenty lakes.

This meeting was hosted by two sportsmen groups, but speakers did mention landowner rights have to be balanced. I hope in the future to attend and record a similar event from a landowners group.

Here is the list of speakers and/or people who helped answer questions:

Below is the video of this event. It is just over an hour and quarter long. The video can alternatively be viewed directly on YouTube.

Tomorrow I should have the video uploaded for Day 2 of public testimony before the SD legislative interim committee on  the Regulation of Non-Meandered Waters. The testimony from Day 1 can be viewed here.