Videos forthcoming about Non-Meandered Waters

With the recent Supreme Court ruling (or non-ruling as some are calling it) regarding access to non-meandered waters there has once again been a lot of attention placed upon the issue. Throughout the summer I plan to blog about non-meandered waters and other related issues (such as drainage). To kick off my 2017 blogging of this issue (I have blogged about it quite a bit in the past) I though it would be good to record a few public meetings and get them out for people to see.

This week I will have three videos uploaded. The first two are from the legislative interim study on  the Regulation of Non-Meandered Waters. The committee met this morning to hear three hours of testimony from the public. I recorded the event and should have it uploaded late this evening or early tomorrow morning. The committee will reconvene tomorrow morning at 9:am for further testimony. I will record that second session as well.

The third video I will be sharing with be of an event being hosted by Dakota Sportsman Inc in Watertown this evening. There is a Facebook event setup so people can know when/where the event is. This will be an informational meeting about the SD Supreme Court ruling. I will record the event and have it posted some time tomorrow, or possibly Thursday if time gets away from me.

As the summer progresses I hope to record and post more videos about the whole non-meandered waters issue. If anyone hears of any public events please let me know. I am willing to record and post events from any viewpoints. I would especially like to know of any events focusing on landowners rights, since the event I am taping tonight will likely focus purely upon sportsmen rights.