Recap of the 10 Ballot Question posts for the 2016 South Dakota election

9973466I finally made it through an initial post on all ten ballot questions for the 2016 South Dakota election. There will likely be more posts about some of these ballot questions forthcoming. In this post I will provide a link to each of the ten posts and a short blurb on how I currently plan to vote on each of them (there are a couple of these I may change my opinion on).

Constitutional Amendment R

Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election an amendment to Article XIV of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to the authority of the Board of Regents.

Also referred to as the “South Dakota Governing Technical Education Institutes Amendment”

My Look at Constitutional Amendment R

SoDakLiberty Post about Amendment R

SoDakLiberty Stance: Leaning towards NO. This could possibly be a huge bureaucratic expansion with no actual plan.

Constitutional Amendment S

An initiated amendment to the South Dakota Constitution to expand rights for crime victims.

Also referred to as Marcy’s Law

My Look at Constitutional Amendment S

SoDakLiberty Posts about Amendment S

SoDakLiberty Stance: Leaning towards NO. I support victims rights. But this seems more like a solution in search of a problem.

Constitutional Amendment T

An initiated amendment to the South Dakota Constitution to provide for state legislative redistricting by a commission.

Also referred to as Anti-Gerrymandering law.

My Look at Constitutional Amendment T

SoDakLiberty Posts about Amendment T

SoDakLiberty Stance: Leaning towards YES. I don’t think this will do much to change the current makeup of the legislature in Pierre, but I see Amendment T as a good open government policy.

Constitutional Amendment U

An initiated amendment to the South Dakota Constitution limiting the ability to set statutory interest rates for loans.

My Look at Constitutional Amendment U

SoDakLiberty Posts about Amendment U

SoDakLiberty Stance: Vote No! This is just bad. The payday lending industry wants to play around with SD Constitution.

Constitutional Amendment V

An initiated amendment to the South Dakota Constitution establishing nonpartisan elections.

My Look at Constitutional Amendment V

SoDakLiberty Posts about Amendment V

SoDakLiberty Stance: Leaning towards voting YES, but don’t think it really matters if V passes or fails.

Referred Law 19

Revise certain provisions regarding elections and election petitions.

Also referred to as the Incumbent Protection Plan

My Look at Referred Law 19

SoDakLiberty Posts about Referred Law 19

SoDakLiberty Stance: Voting NO! This election reform law was completely destroyed by the legislative process.

Referred Law 20

Establish a youth minimum wage.

My Look at Referred Law 20

SoDakLiberty Posts about Referred Law 20

SoDakLiberty Stance: Leaning towards YES vote. I am leaning yes, but I can understand why people would vote no after the legislature changed an Initiated Measure just passed by the voters.

Initiated Measure 21

Set maximum finance charge for certain licensed money lenders

My Look at Initiated Measure 21

SoDakLiberty Posts about Initiated Measure 21

SoDakLiberty Stance: Voting No. Just because people don’t like payday lenders doesn’t mean this intrusion into the market is warranted.

Initiated Measure 22

An initiated measure to revise State campaign finance and lobbying laws, create a publicly funded campaign finance program, create an ethics commission, and appropriate funds.

Also referred to as the “South Dakota Government Accountability and Anti-Corruption Act”

My Look at Initiated Measure 22

SoDakLiberty Posts about Initiated Measure 22

SoDakLiberty Stance: Voting NO! I just can’t see supporting giving taxpayer dollars directly to politicians!

Initiated Measure 23

An initiated measure to give certain organizations the right to charge fees.

My Look at Initiated Measure 23

SoDakLiberty Posts about Initiated Measure 23

SoDakLiberty Stance: Voting NO! Making non-union works pay union dues just seems wrong.

Now I can go back to looking at legislative races!

2 thoughts on “Recap of the 10 Ballot Question posts for the 2016 South Dakota election”

  1. I am surprised you are leaning Yes on V, I am totally against it.. it hurts third parties disproportionately…..In a race for one seat (ie everything but the statehouse) only the top 2 advance to the general election… Libertarians would not get to participate int he fall campaign in most circumstances….i urge you to reconsider and urge everyone to vote NO on V!

    1. I do keep going back and forth on this one. In all reality both methods of holding elections make it hard for third parties and independents to participate. My only real beef with the current system is that taxpayer dollars are used to pay for what should in reality be paid for by the private political parties.

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