Video of Ron Branstner speaking about the Refugee Resettlement Program

On Thursday, August 11, 2016, the Americans First, Task Force of Aberdeen, held a public event dealing with the. The speaker at the event was a man from California named Ron Branstner. Earlier I posted some pictures from the event. In this post I will present some documents and links for videos that were shown before Branstner’s presentation. Then I will post the video I filmed of Branstner’s presentation; including an interesting question and answer session. I won’t try to editorialize at this time. This post is about getting information out there for the public. People can then decide for themselves whether Bransner adds value to the refugee resettlement debate.

Flier used to promote the event

This is the flier used to promote the event:

Refugee Resettlement Program flier for event in Aberdeen, SD, on August 11, 2016.
Refugee Resettlement Program flier for event in Aberdeen, SD, on August 11, 2016.

The flier doesn’t say much about who Ron Branstner is. Ron really didn’t go into what makes him uniquely qualified to go around the country speaking about refugee programs. But he did say a lot of his time is spent researching refugee programs and speaking with insiders. Branstner also noted he has no website; making it hard to research his research.

Prior to the presentation

Prior to the event Branstner played two YouTube videos. The first was one detailing Kamal Saleem. Saleem is somewhat famous in certain Christian circles for saying he is a former terrorist who turned his life over to Christ. I couldn’t find the particular video Branstner shared about Saleem. But YouTube has a lot of Saleem videos available for viewing.

The second video shown by Branstner prior to his presentation was a video from Alex Jones’ InfoWars. There again I couldn’t find the actual video shared by Branstner. But going to the InfoWars website there are a lot of videos which can be viewed dealing with refugees.

Video to kick off the presentation

When the event actually started Branstner showed the crowd another video. This video featured James Simpson, the man behind Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America. The video below is the video of Simpson shown by Branstner at the event:

Branstner’s presentation

With all of that out of the way I now present the video footage I shot of Branstner’s presentation in Aberdeen about the Refugee Resettlement Program. This is the complete presentation given by Branstner; nothing has been edited out.

(I apologize ahead of time for the few spots where the camera didn’t move when it should have, I was busy with my other camera at those times).

Possible future posts

In the future I may do more posts about this event (time permitting, this is election season and I focus mostly on state legislative races). I definitely plan to do a post about the interesting incident involving Cory Heidelberger, mostly because he happens to also be a District 3 State Senate candidate. Any posts beyond that are more likely to come if/when refugees get brought up by legislative candidates.

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  1. After receiving a request from Cory Heidelberger to speak at our event featuring Ron Branstner, we found it of utmost disrespect for Cory to start campaigning and take center stage at his own discretion. We feel the crowd’s response was not hatred, but in fact an expression of their disappointment in his lack of professionalism.

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