House Health & Human Services committee has 2 bills on Tues Feb 17

canstockphoto4565182On Tuesday, February 17th, at 7:45 AM the SD House Health & Human Services committee will take on 2 bills.

HB 1230 – SoDakLiberty PostsProhibit the beheading of certain living unborn children and to provide penalties therefor.

Rep Isaac Latterell (R, Dist 6) and Sen Brock Greenfield  (R, Dist 2) are the prime sponsors. This is a short bill, so I’ll post the whole thing here:

        FOR AN ACT ENTITLED, An Act to prohibit the beheading of certain living unborn children and to provide penalties therefor.
BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA:    Section 1. No licensed physician may knowingly behead a living unborn child with the intent of endangering the life or health of the child. A violation of this section is a Class 1 felony.
Section 2. For purposes of this Act, behead, means to separate the skull from the spine. The term, behead, may not be construed to include the suction curettage abortion procedure or the suction aspiration abortion procedure.
Section 3. The provisions of this Act do not apply to any medical treatment for a life-threatening condition provided to the mother by a physician licensed to practice medicine in the state which results in the accidental or unintentional injury or death of the unborn child.
Section 4. This Act shall be known, and may be cited, as the Preborn Infant Beheading Ban.

The Preborn Infant Beheading Ban makes it a Class 1 felony to behead an unborn child; unless it is done so for life-threatening conditions to the mother. I would think this act would outlaw a number of methods used for abortions, especially for those in the early terms. I have sat through presentations about abortion procedures in the past, and I seem to remember that a number of them involve tearing up the baby to pieces with a super-strong vacuum or cutting them to pieces with sharp instruments. I would imagine any of those methods could fall within the scope of this act. There may be other methods that would apply to this act as well. But honestly I find it appalling to even think about abortions so I won’t research this further. I’m guessing the prime sponsors will have proponent testimony going into the medical procedures this would apply to.

** Special note. The Senate prime sponsor, Brock Greenfield, was injured this previous weekend. So it is doubtful he will be in attendance on Tuesday.

SB 118 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Provide additional transparency for prescription drug plans.

Sen Bruce Rampelberg (R, Dist 30) and Rep Leslie Heinemann (R, Dist 8) are the prime sponsors. This bill was substantially amended in Senate Commerce and passed that committee 7-0. It then went on to pass the Senate floor without opposition. A lot of this bill seems aimed at making sure certain parts of the rx drug plans have certain details.

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